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Carlo De Paoli

Chairman & CEO @ In Job Company

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“Genius means creativity, intuition, speed and self confidence”

Carlo De Paoli, President & Founder of In Job, is a pioneer in the Italian recruiting sector with 25 years of experience in the field.

He began his career at a family-owned business in the food industry, then founded his own facility management company at the early age of 18. In 1996 Carlo joined the top management of a leading multinational human resources corporation.

In 2001, he founded In Job with a specific mission: to offer cutting edge solutions for HR, staffing, and recruiting. Today his enterprise has a multinational presence across 3 continents, over 60 million euros in sales, and unlimited growth potential.

Carlo also currently serves as Vice President of Internationalization to Confindustria Verona. He is the author of “Viola: a Dream, the Talent, the Career”, published by Casa Editrice ESTE in 2014.

A born strategist and inspiring leader with a passion for people, Carlo is commited to elevating In Job beyond cultural borders.