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Resident Overseas

Thanks to the experience we have gained during our international development process, we are capable of meeting the requirements of our clients that already have a presence overseas or that want to expand their business abroad with the utmost professionalism.

The Resident Overseas service allows your company to create its own international network of professionals.                                                               

Our in-depth knowledge of the cultures and traditions of a range of countries allows us to support you in identifying the people who are most suited to work at your company and meet your needs. 

Our large network of contacts also enables us to rapidly identify professionals already residing abroad who can positively contribute to your company.

How it works:

  • Needs analysis of your company in terms of corporate environment, organizational structure and skills required
  • Identification of a professional residing in the target country
  • Project launch within 1 month
  • Definition of accessory services to be established in the contract (benefits, transportation, location, etc.)
  • Administrative management of the working relationship in accordance with regulations of the applicable country
We specialize in search & selection of qualified professionals, guaranteeing efficient and punctual service
We assure great organizational flexibility and bureaucratic simplification. The workers will get the same rights of direct employees.
Through specific analysis, we portray your focus market, target competitors and key people for the strategical development of your company.
We’re a partner with those companies choosing to transfer only a part or the whole recruiting process to an external provider.