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Market analysis

We analyze focus market, competitors and key people for the strategic development of your company.

Why your company should use market analysis? Because the study of various markets conditions, through people who fulfill key roles at your competitor's, provides a comprehensive look into the target market of your business.

Market analysis is a fundamental tool that keeps you updated on the employment status, on the current compensation trends of your industry and the functions and roles available.

The steps are:

  • Identification and analysis of your competitors in the targeted market
  • Mapping of the roles, base compensation trends, organisational structure and other guidelines of interest for your company
  • Release of a detailed report

Market mapping is the most effective process to support your company strategies and develop efficient actions for your firm.

In order to gain the specific market knowledge you need a team of highly qualified consultants. All of our advisors have a valuable understanding of the benchmarks of all positions and are able to provide your business with a wide international network of professionals.



We specialize in search & selection of qualified professionals, guaranteeing efficient and punctual service
We assure great organizational flexibility and bureaucratic simplification. The workers will get the same rights of direct employees.
Our global network of professionals allows us to search for and select people who live in the target country, are able to contribute added value and, thanks to their knowledge of the market and the local culture, support the development of your company abroad.
We’re a partner with those companies choosing to transfer only a part or the whole recruiting process to an external provider.