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Our History

In Job was founded in 2001 by Carlo De Paoli in Verona, his native city. At 32 years old, after gaining experience as a director of a well-known multinational HR company, he created his company based on the American business model of temporary staffing. Today, In Job is an international company with offices on 3 continents.

In Job was founded in 2001 when, just 32 years old, Carlo De Paoli decided to establish a company inspired by the American model of temporary staffing.

Soon, we attained a strong position in Italy, where we opened 15 Career Centers in just 2 years. However, 2012 was the real turning point, when we decided to change our look: rebranding, repositioning and a new business model to cover the middle management market sector.

We decided to focus on the search for high potential candidates, professionals and middle managers with experience in Sales & Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Technical & Engineering and Office Team.

Ever ambitious and resourceful, in 2012 we understood that Italy alone was too small for us, and we began an internationalization process involving expansion across 3 different continents.

In 2013, we arrived in New York, with the acquisition of The Employment Line, a recruiting agency working in the New York metropolitan area since 1995.  

In 2014 we set up offices in Miami, Florida as well as in China, with a partnership in Shanghai. In the meantime, our expansion plan also brought us to Moscow, Russia and Warsaw, Poland.  

Today, we are a solid, professional and reliable resource for anyone with development goals. But first and foremost, we are a great partner to work with.

Our experience in the market has allowed us to embark on a path of international development. We are capable of meeting the requirements of our clients that already have a presence overseas or that want to expand their business abroad.
We provide qualified professional search services and we handle the relative placement within the company with temporary or permanent contracts. We are experts in the selection of high potential candidates, specialists and managers with specialized educational backgrounds and concrete experience in the role.