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Our experience in the market has allowed us to embark on a path of international development. We are capable of meeting the requirements of our clients that already have a presence overseas or that want to expand their business abroad.

After having consolidated our presence in Italy, we decided to embark on an ambitious journey of internationalisation, leading us to expand overseas. Today we have subsidiaries in London and New York and partners in Moscow, Shanghai, Houston and San Francisco.

We enjoy taking on new goals and challenges, and for this reason, our expansion project is continually evolving both in Europe and in developing countries.

Right from the beginning of our internationalisation process, we have been committed to embracing the philosophy of think global, act local”, responding to both local and international needs. In fact thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the cultures and traditions of different countries, we are able to support our clients in identifying the leading talent and specialists in a given field.

It is very important to recognise how different markets around the world differ from one another, and for this reason, we firmly believe in the importance of finding a balance between a global business philosophy and a localised approach. In fact, cultural skills are a prerequisite to interpreting the needs of a specific place, as well as a source of inspiration to innovate and diversify local services.

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We provide qualified professional search services and we handle the relative placement within the company with temporary or permanent contracts. We are experts in the selection of high potential candidates, specialists and managers with specialized educational backgrounds and concrete experience in the role.
In Job was founded in 2001 by Carlo De Paoli in Verona, his native city. At 32 years old, after gaining experience as a director of a well-known multinational HR company, he created his company based on the American business model of temporary staffing. Today, In Job is an international company with offices on 3 continents.