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Interview with Dusan Kaljevic, General Manager of LLC Filippo Berio Russia

18 Октября 2016

Назад к списку
Дата публикации: 18 Октября 2016

How long have you been a client of In Job?
For about a year.

Why did you choose In Job?
We like their flexibility and their fast reaction as well. They responded to our request in a very short time.
We were opening our first office in Russia and we were looking for an Office Manager, a National Key Account Manager, an Accountant and an Import Manager.

How did you find In Job agency?
Actually our first office in Russia is located at the same address as In Job office. We considered several proposals from other recruitment agencies in Russia, but our relations with management of In Job agency was the factor that prevailed. In addition they have made us a very good offer in terms of cost.

Are you looking for candidates for Moscow or Italian offices?
Currently we are searching employees for our Moscow office, in the future we will maybe enlarge our team for a couple more members.

Employees for what kind of positions do you search more often?
The most popular positions are in sales and marketing.

Please give an example of successfully picked up candidate or an example of some complex task which was handled successfully
As an example I would provide the position of the Import Manager, thanks to In Job we found a candidate, who perfectly met our needs. He perfectly explained all the processes of import which is the crucial part of our business, as we have production in Italy and export to Russia. In Job provided a very good service, they well understood our needs and coped with the task successfully.

Are you interested mostly in employees with Russian citizenship or expatriates?
In this stage, we are interested only in Russian citizens, we were looking for the office manager with Italian language as well. But at the end it was very difficult to find a candidate who spoke Italian and met other requirements we needed and we focused only on Russian and English languages. 

How would you evaluate the result of your cooperation with the agency?
Our cooperation was very successful; we can recommend them to others and confirm that they are professionals. But the most important is that they are flexible and ready to provide solutions in a short time.

Are requirements for equal position the same for Russian and Italian offices?
Besides office in Russia we have branches in the US, the UK and a representative office in Singapore. The professional background that we expect is always the same: we are searching for candidates with a high level of education, average experience from 3 up to 8 years depending on junior or senior profile. These requirements are equal for candidates in Italy. Also employees from our foreign offices have to be able to speak English, which is not always necessary in Italy for all the positions. For example workers of the export department have to know English, but as for staff from production or logistic department in Italy we don’t have this requirement. As for level of positions if we look for a National Key Account Manager the specific skills like managing key account, managing budgets are almost the same.

Would you please highlight common differences between the Russian and Italian candidates?
The main difference when you look at CV in Russia and Italy is average number of years spent in one company. In Italy, a person who works in a big multinational company, usually stays there for a long time - three, five, eight or more years. In Russia we found much higher rotation. For example we had an interview with our potential Key Account Manager who in less than 8 years worked for four big multinational companies in Russia, so he spent less than 2 years in one company. We have other approach; we expect that one candidate will spend about 5 or 6 years in our company. That is also the reason why it is difficult to find the right person: with experience from one side and loyalty from the other side.

For the moment our branch in Russia counts only 5 people and I hope that this team would be the right one and they would have long career in our company. Moscow labor market is unpredictable, people change job because of a hundred dollars or closer metro station to their homes. I hope that in the future we will need In Job services only for new positions in our company, not for the already existing ones.

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