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Nadezhda Demidova

Recruiting Specialist @ In Job Russia

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“If you are able to see the beauty, only because you wear a beautiful inside. For the world is like a mirror in which everyone sees his own reflection” - Paolo Coelho

Having received a wide variety of experience in public and private companies in the HR sphere, Nadezhda preferred more legal aspects and personnel management, less than recruitment, but working at In Job has shown a completely different understanding of this process for her, more versatile and exciting.

Recruitment has a significant mission: we help candidates to find "their place" or even "job of their dreams" as well as we help clients to influence on success of the company and to move it forward by hiring candidates professionally selected by us.

Nadezhda is working at In Job Russia for 1,5 years and is responsible for Retail and FMCG industries.