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Our History

In Job was founded in 2001 by Carlo De Paoli in his native city of Verona. At 32 years old, after working as a manager in a well-known HR multinational company he created his own business based on the American temporary staffing business model. Today In Job is an international company with offices in 3 continents.

In Job was founded in 2001 when Carlo De Paoli, at the time just 32 years old, decided to establish his own business inspired by the American model of temporary staffing.

Our growth was extensive and rapid but we soon realised that our business needed to take a different road. So, in 2012 we decided to “redo our look”: a rebranding and repositioning process and the creation of a new business model allowing us to exit from a now saturated market and move into a field which has been less extensively explored in the Human Resources sector, the middle management sector.

We decided to focus on finding high potential candidates, professionals and middle managers with experience in Sales & Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Technical & Engineering and Office Team.

Too ambitious and enterprising to remain in Italy, after achieving rapid success on the Italian market we embarked on an expansion project which soon led us to Europe and the United Sates.

In 2013, we opened our branches in Moscow, Warsaw and New York.

Today we have branches in three continents and are a stable, professional and reliable resource for anyone aiming to achieve their growth objectives. Above all, we are a great partner to work with.

Our experience of the market has enabled us to embark on a journey of international development. We are able to respond to the needs of our clients already operating overseas or who wish to expand their business abroad.
We look for skilled professionals and take care of relative hiring with temporary or permanent contracts. We are experts in selecting candidates with high potential, specialists and managers with specialised training and proven experience in the required role.