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We manage one or more stages of the search and selection of new talents for your company staff both outsourced or by on-site management.

RPO = Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Being labor market experts, we’re the best partner to strategically manage the talent inside your company.

We can flexibly handle only a part or even the whole selection process thanks to a deep knowledge of your industry and of the main functional areas in your company. We can attract and find talents, to select and evaluate these resources, to insert them in the company giving a complete monitoring and reporting process about all the activities. Our target is to support the client by taking away the responsibility of non-key activities that are highly time-consuming for the HR area.

Moreover, we can identify the most effective recruiting channels for the professionals you’re looking for, build a database for people that fit the requirements and amplify your brand awareness to optimize the talent acquisition thanks to innovative and mobile responsive tools.

We also support you in mapping the strategic roles of the organizational chart and in evaluating the staff and the effect of work peaks or new business units.

We specialize in search & selection of qualified professionals, guaranteeing efficient and punctual service
We assure great organizational flexibility and bureaucratic simplification. The workers will get the same rights of direct employees.
Our global network of professionals enables us to find and select people living in the target country who are able to bring added value to your business and, thanks to their knowledge of the local market and culture, are able to contribute to developing your business overseas.
Thanks to our consultants with in-depth knowledge of their target industry and functional areas, we offer our consulting service to the companies
Through specific analysis, we portray your focus market, target competitors and key people for the strategical development of your company.