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19 March, 2013

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Date of Publication: 19 March, 2013

In Job's research centre has traced a map of job positions that leading companies most required.

Despite this uncertain moment, which has blocked growth due to employment reforms and financial manoeuvres, companies are investing in the acquisition of expert staff who will bring them added value.

The request for highly specialised figures in technical, engineering, sales, law, management and accounting and credit areas is particularly growing. Some of the figures most highly in demand are credit controllers and risk managers, lawyers and HR managers.

Furthermore, companies are taking on specialists in IT, engineering and marketing, especially if they have skills and experience in the web system and social media.

For the fashion and luxury sector, which is expected to lead Italy's economic growth in the near future, the figures that are most in demand are in the export areas, as they will be the ones representing a quality model abroad. On an international level, the food and precision tool sectors are also obtaining good results and therefore a need for sales agents and engineers who are willing to move overseas will be in demand.

The economic crisis has led all companies to evaluate the people they employ more carefully and to focus on talents. In terms of skills, companies will therefore be increasingly more demanding and, on the other hand, they will require greater contractual flexibility.

With this aim In Job is the ideal partner.

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