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In Job opening in London

31 May, 2016

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Date of Publication: 31 May, 2016

Europe offers many opportunities, and we have to seize the moment. Make it in London, and you will make it everywhere.

After Italy, Russia and Poland, we arrive in the United Kingdom. Why London? Great Britain is one of the most globalised economies in the whole world, so its capital city is the best choice.

The UK economy currently makes up 4% of world GDP. It has been the fastest growing economy in the G7 for four consecutive years with 2.1% year on year growth in Q1 2016.

We specialise in the following sectors:

  • Fashion & Luxury
  • Food & Beverage
  • Professional Services
  • Retail

We focus on the following functional areas:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Technical & Engineering
  • Office Team
  • Information Technology

Our office is in Corsham Street, in the district now known as Tech City. It is one of London’s most dynamic and fashionable areas. Click here to discover where you can find us.

To learn more about our presence in Great Britain, visit: www.injob.com/gb/en

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