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18th In Job's Anniversary

22 February, 2019

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Date of Publication: 22 February, 2019

"In 2001, when I was 32, with a group of entrepreneur friends we founded In Job. I still remember with great excitement that moment. 

Today, 22nd of February 2019, we celebrate our 18 years and I am still happy to confirm my choice, with more awareness, with a more strong sense of belonging and honestly... with a bit of pride. 

Challenges helped me to believe not only in myself and in my potential, but also in other people's. 

We know that great success is not easy to obtain, but only when moved by a great will and passion we are able to go far together. 

18 years ago I was alone in Verona, now we are 150 people in three different continents. 

Happy birthday In Job and congratulations to all of us!"


Carlo De Paoli, Founder 






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