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Career Center

Our offices reflect our mission: exceptionally designed office environments that welcome candidates and business representatives with dedicated conference halls for job-oriented training courses.

Our offices reflect our mission: they are buildings of design, where transparency and contrasts create large bright spaces. These highly modern offices are able to house one-to-one or group interviews with candidates and business representatives, with dedicated conference halls for professional training courses.

Our Career Centers are equipped with:

  • multimedia rooms
  • interview rooms
  • open space areas

The idea of flexible offices was first developed by British multinational enterprises and we have applied this model to our Career Centres, following the logic of "goals to be achieved" and breaking free of the old conception of “fixed work stations”.

It is thanks to these innovative and elegant work spaces that we are able to welcome the most talented candidates and business clients in confidential and highly professional environments.

This type of office has a positive effect on all of our partners. It is a choice which revolutionises the working environment, creating a collaborative and flexible place built around the people who use it. It is a constantly evolving work space and is in perfect synergy with innovation, technology and cultural progress, representing one of the most important incentives to improve wellbeing and business productivity.

We are a dynamic, lively and multicultural team with a single objective: to satisfy our clients’ and candidates' needs. We have a team of highly qualified International Recruiters with a range of language skills.
Our network is formed of 70,000 professionals in various countries worldwide, with experience and knowledge of the local market. In fact, cultural skills are a prerequisite to interpret the needs of a specific area, as well as a source of inspiration to innovate and diversity local services.
We have embraced the philosophy of “think global, act local”, managing our overseas branches as an integrated network. We are interconnected anywhere, at any time. We have no borders, be they geographical or hierarchical, enabling simple and fast communication.