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Margherita Vitellozzi

HR Consultant @ In Job Verona

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“Great companies don’t hire skilled people and motivate them, they hire already motivated people and inspire them” - Simon Sinek

Margherita comes from Tuscany, but she completed her M.A. in Organizational and Marketing Psychology in Milan. Then, she moved to Verona to begin her career.

After gaining internship experience and discovering her interest in HR, Margherita joined  In Job in 2014. She is concurrently also a member of the Italian board of Psychologists.

Here at In Job, Margherita focuses on the search & selection throughout the territory of Verona.

Her passion and curiosity for HR, along with the skills gained in the field of selection and business strategy, led her to develop strong competencies in the support and management of clients, identification of needs and collection of suitable profiles.

Now she covers the position of HR Consultant, by dedicating with particular attention in the stone, wine sectors and the professional studies.