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Ilaria Rossi

HR Manager @ In Job Company

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“I believe in the power of the single and the magic of people"

Ilaria has the karma of initiation and thanks to this gift she can see the potential in the projects and the people before anyone else. 

This led her to get involved in many start-up plans transformed after in successful projects. 
Attention to constant training has been and now is, not only a strategic choice but also her distinguishing professional mark, especially if we talk about the HR world. 

Lover of the human being and his ability to amaze, for years she has been HR Manager, letting her activities gravitate towards selection, training, and development, always in accordance with business projects. Life and working changes have strengthened during the years her will to be, wherever, a value-generator. 

Now she is the HR Manager of In Job Group, paying attention to details, courage, good humor and devotion to coherence allowing herself to recognize the opportunity in each challenge and to captivate her team work with energy.