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Greta Pozzato

Recruiting Specialist @ In Job Verona

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“Strength is built by one's failures, not by one's successes. What made me stronger was to go against the tide, always.” - Coco Chanel

After her Graduation in Philosophy, Greta chose to specialize in the study of Human Resources and the analysis of the business world, she presented a thesis about the "Organizational Aesthetic". 

In 2016 she enters In Job team as International Recruiter, matching her passion for HR with the English language.

Longing for joining the front-line to get in direct contact with the Client, today she fulfils the role of Recruiting Specialist at Verona Career Center, where she gets in touch with new companies and professional every day. 

In details, she's specialized in Search & Selection of IT profiles, gaining competence on the job and growing her knowledge in this interesting and technical world.

Resolute, confident and eclectic, Greta highlights her will to continue a professional path in the HR world, that she considers as a mission and a vocation. 

Finding the right talent for a company is her challenge and an incentive to work with dedication and commitment. A win-win logic!