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Giulia Avigni

Recruiting Specialist @ In Job Castiglione delle Stiviere

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“Life is a great big canvas: throw all the paint you can on it” - Danny Kaye

Giulia starts the professional career in her family's textile company where she works as Personnel Coordinator. Here she gains her passion for HR sector and chooses to get the degree in Human Resources Training and Development at Verona University.

Later she's chosen for joining a famous Italian fashion company for an internship in recruiting staff and training.  After this period she joined In Job team as Recruiting Specialist.
Determination and creativity allow her to achieve successfully all her goals. She works with passion and energy because she is grateful for offering working opportunities, locating right people in the right place. 

She loves psychology and emotional states' studies let her understand better her interlocutors and be emphatic with them. 

Travelling and painting are her biggest passions and help her in regenerating mind and spirit for new adventures and goals.