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Federica Beretta

Digital Marketing Manager @ In Job Company

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“If you are passionate about what you do a touch of 'madness' is inevitably necessary” - Lady Gaga

Passionate about marketing, traveling and new technologies, Federica began her career in the digital & advertising field at the age of 24. She then worked on e-commerce and online marketing for a leading group of the electronic industry.

In 2008 Federica joined In Job as Marketing & Communication Specialist.

Over the years she has been working hand in hand with the company’s President, who is her source of inspiration, mentor and example of how to provide unique solutions, thinking out of the box.

Federica has a BA in Communication from the renowned Catholic University of Milan and relies on over 13 years of experience in the marketing field.

She embodies In Job’s mission and furthers the company’s vision and brand position every day with devotion, incredible passion, and creative insight.