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Elisa Trivellin

HR Consultant @ In Job Verona

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“The only way to do great work is to love what you do” - Steve Jobs

Elisa loves foreign languages and cultures. This is the reason why she decided to study Chinese, a completely different and unknown realm to explore.  

After graduating in Languages and East Asian Economics-Law, she worked at first as an interpreter and then started teaching Chinese. 
She joined In Job as an International Recruiter combining her linguistic skills with an interest in Human Resources and is now Recruiting Specialist at the Career Center of Verona. 

Patient, curious and positive, she can seem “reserved” at first, but that’s just her way of easing into new relationships.
Both in her professional and personal life, she loves embracing and living in multicultural environments. Meeting new people from abroad opens her mind and makes her feel as if she were travelling. 

Elisa is now Recruiting Specialist at In Job Verona.