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Davide Magrini

Business Development Manager @ In Job UK & Ireland

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"Panta Rei - Everything changes and nothing remains still" - Heraclitus & Plato

After 3 years of Economic Studies, Davide developed his career in the sector of renewable energy and green economy, contributing to the startup and growth of an Italian company specialized in solar and constructions. In his role, he built business units from scratch and he managed relationships with high-end corporations and public bodies. This led him to be Guest Speaker for Public Procurement at the European Committee in Brussels.

In recent years, he's been called to develop a business incubator for startup companies. 

After a short experience in the US, he finally established in London, where he covers the position of Business Development Manager for In Job UK & Ireland.  

He played football for 20 years, but he nurtures a thrilling passion for rugby, triathlon, and motorsports.