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Join our network of professionals with significant expertise in their roles. Networking and the support of our HR Consultants will be the key to your success.

Networking has become a key aspect not only when looking for a new career development, but also for the growth of any professional.

Creating a network of different contacts and acquaintances linked to your passion and your job and cultivating them over time, allows you to get to know a multitude of people, some of which might need your professional skills or your contribution for jobs or projects and vice-versa.

Are you a talented recent graduate or a professional with a specialised educational background and solid experience in the following business functions?

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Technical & Engineering
  • Office Team

We are looking for you!

Come and join the In Job network. We will monitor your profile and keep up to date with your career development in order to offer you the most appealing opportunities.

Take the occasion to meet our clients and introduce yourself as an emerging talent or as a professional with a significant background of experience and skills.

We will connect you with the key contact people of your industry, supporting you in the ongoing process of building your own network of acquaintances, and relating with your colleagues.

Join In Job: your career starts now!

Thanks to the experience of our consultants, we are able to develop personalised career plans and skills summaries, organise assessments and design professional training courses.