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Career Counseling

Thanks to the experience of our consultants, we are able to develop personalised career plans and skills summaries, organise assessments and design professional training courses.

We offer Career Counselling aiming at enhancing your personal growth. We provide useful support to your professional career by focusing on developing your strengths and self-motivational skills.

Our approach involves an ongoing support throughout your professional path, creating a stable and lasting relationship with our consultants.

We rely on the experience of our consultants, who are specialised by industry, to help you out in developing a tailored career plan, identifying goals and steps you need to take to achieve them.

Our counselling service includes the following steps:

  • Professional career analysis
  • Competence assessment
  • Understanding of your aspirations, values and professional interests
  • Indentifying the elements which motivate or discourage you in the workplace
  • Leading you to self-awareness related to the potential impacts of a change of role or cultural environment
  • Preparation of a self-marketing effective contact plan 
  • Strategy for searching new opportunities
  • Research activities
  • Monitoring of plan status progress
Join our network of professionals with significant expertise in their roles. Networking and the support of our HR Consultants will be the key to your success.