Temporary Staffing

We offer staffing service, that support you in facing structural changes and project flexibility.

A flexible tool which allows Clients to add resources for short, medium and long periods. During this temporary staffing period, both Clients and Temporary Workers have sufficient time to get to know and assess one another whilst laying the bases for future direct partnerships as well.

Thanks to this contractual formula, Clients place Temporary Workers alongside direct Employees of the user company, with the added value that we are the ones who manage the on-boarding and payroll process.

A service that is subject to cyclic changes in regulations and labour laws which, as an employer, we always promptly update in the interest of both Temporary Workers and the user company, in order to preserve the flexibility as the main characteristic of this formula.

International Workforce provider
Thanks to our international market knowledge, we assist Clients and Temporary Workforce with all on/off-boarding procedures to Italy providing following services:

  • Support, guidance and coordination of the work permit application process
  • Payroll, tax, contributions and benefits management
  • Complete compliance with Italian legislation
  • Support to the Contractor while being in a new Country

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