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International Recruitment: an interview with Sofia Lovato, Global Account Manager at In Job.  

Insights into International Recruitment: how it works and which are the “most wanted” professionals abroad for our Italian clients. Our interview with Sofia Lovato, Global Account Manager at In Job.
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Sofia, tell us how everything started

I was born in a very little town in the countryside near Verona. Once I obtained my high school diploma, I started traveling “out of my comfort zone” and moved to Bologna to attend an academic program in International Relations. Before getting my degree, a 1 year Erasmus experience in Portugal and one internship at the Italian Consulate in New York gave me the chance to improve my language skills and to look at the world from new perspectives.

What are the most important steps in your career?

After graduating from University, I won a scholarship for a Master in Human Resources at the Business School of Il Sole 24 Ore in Milan and started working in the Recruitment department of a multinational company in the TLC industry.

In 2010 I joined In Job and finally “squared the circle”, combining my international background with HR and Recruitment. I got the chance to be an active part in the process of internationalization of our Company, and I managed the newly opened office in New York, where I worked for two years.

Once back to Italy, I continued working for the development of the international offices of In Job, recruiting and training the local staff. Now, as a Global Account Manager and with a Team of International Recruiters, I help our clients to find the right people for their business abroad.

Which are the “most wanted” professionals that Italian companies look for abroad?

Italian companies, willing to establish their international presence, are always looking for Sales people at the beginning of their “journey” since they need Professionals able to expand their business developing new markets. Business Developers, Brand Ambassadors, and Country Managers are key players to be successful in this mission.

But it’s not only a matter of sales: once a well-established organization is in place, we also have to look for Technical Staff (Service, after Sales) or Corporate roles (from HR to Finance and IT), to reinforce and support the local structure.

What are the essential skills to deal with both candidates and clients at an international level?

First of all, every Company, every market, and every Candidate is different. It is crucial to keep an open-minded approach to every single Selection process, to understand the uniqueness of a Company and the peculiarities of the candidates market.

With a rigorous method, we know how to find and attract the right people, in order to finally find the perfect combination and negotiate the best solution.

What does your team do?

All our International Recruiters and HR Consultants have different linguistic skills and international experience of study or work abroad. We successfully placed professionals and managers in many European Countries such as France, Germany, Benelux, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Romania, building long-term professional relationships between clients and candidates.



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