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Speed of communication

We have embraced the “think global, act local” philosophy by managing our branches abroad as an integrated network. We connect anywhere, at any time. We have no geographical or hierarchical barriers, to ensure simple and rapid communication.

The speed of business processes can refer to a number of factors, all of which share a single objective: to generate efficiency, productivity, transparency and standardisation. For a business such as ours which provides a service, fast communication is indisputably essential in order to streamline these processes.

When entering into a competitive sector such as human resources, it is easy to "disappear”, suffocated by the presence of huge international groups.

However our strength, the one that has enabled us to continue to grow both in China and overseas, has been our ability and, perhaps more importantly, our desire to place people, our clients, at the heart of our business.

In order to do this, it is essential for us to manage our overseas offices as an integrated network. We are without borders and we are interconnected everywhere, at any time – time-zone permitting. As you can understand, the speed which comes from overcoming every barrier, both geographical and hierarchical, facilitates and simplifies all communication processes and as a consequence improves and optimises business productivity.

Our offices reflect our mission: developing careers. They are cutting edge structures, spaces that welcome candidates and companies, featuring classrooms devoted to professional training courses.
We are a multicultural, dynamic and enthusiastic organization with the single goal of satisfying our clients and candidates. We have a team of highly qualified International Recruiters with a range of language skills.
Our network of 70,000 professionals residing in various countries worldwide has local market experience and knowledge. Indeed, cultural awareness is a fundamental prerequisite to understand the demand of a specific region, and a source of inspiration to innovate and diversify local services.