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Career counseling

Thanks to the experience of our consultants, we are able to develop personalized career plans and skills summaries, organize assessments and design professional training courses.

Career Counselling, the counselling service dedicated to work and business issues, is an important professional service for anyone wishing to develop or enhance their professional identity. It is a useful qualitative service for jobseekers who wish to optimise their skills, enhance their personal talents and experience and to explore their own potential.

Our approach is one of ongoing support through each step of this journey, creating a stable and long-lasting relationship.

Our experienced consultants will help you to draw up a personalised career development plan, identifying goals and ways of achieving them.

Our advice service will:

  • Analyse your professional journey
  • Identify your skills
  • Consider your aspirations, values and professional interests
  • Pick out elements which may motivate or demotivate you in an working environment
  • Consider the impact of a change in role or cultural situation
  • Draw up a self-promotional plan and help you form effective contacts
  • Create a research strategy for finding new job opportunities
  • Research new opportunities
  • Monitor your progress in all stages of the plan
Join our network of professionals with significant expertise in their roles. Networking and the support of our HR Consultants will be the key to your success.