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05 September, 2016

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Date of Publication: 05 September, 2016
Have you ever noticed any up-and-down in your team’s productivity, mood or results? The first question you should ask to yourself is ‘Is it their fault or mine?’

Yes, sometimes it’s not only that people bring their private problems to work, but maybe that they do not believe in their job as much as they did the first day in their company or office.

If your team feels a lack of motivation, you should take action the sooner you can. When engagement fades, the most important thing is to prevent its disappearance. There are many aspects of a job that can motivate people, and many are even more important that money itself.

Start from here: when you know the problem you can find the solution, so ask yourself this 3 questions:

  1. Is motivation fading because of the strategy? Sometimes it happens that, when you begin a new job, everything about it seems perfect and perfectly working. When this expectation is vain, then employees will see only the flaws of your projects and their attitude toward your company will sink.
  2. Is motivation fading because your company is evolving? Some companies’ turnover increase since the moment they decide to change their future path. When someone only sees the dangerous aspects they can transmit his or her fears also to others.
  3. Is motivation fading because you neglected your peers? If in your company everybody is part of a team, forgetting about this specific point once or twice while talking, could be enough.

These seem very serious matters, but they’re not if you think that they have simple solutions that will bring the people in your company to a greater awareness of their and your values.

  1. When we should blame the strategy, then we should focus on what people do not like about our plan, to do so, the only solution is communication. Start asking questions to those who seems to believe the less in your strategy, try to understand the doubts they have and why they feel them. If you work in a big company, then ask the HR to create an ad hoc survey to understand better and analyze it with them.
  2. When evolution can turn into revolution, don’t waste any time. Start spending a little time walking through your company (literally), you will be able to see the displeasure. If you can’t understand the reason of demotivation of your people, just turn to the HR department before demotivation becomes disengagement. Ask the team to work on a survey that will highlight every single crucial point in employee’s bad moods or blues.
  3. To comprehend if you didn’t care enough of your coworkers, you just have to analyze your behavior with them, examine every single change in your attitude and if you can’t find the break point, then simply ask, the only negative thing that could happen is that they would tell you they don’t want to answer.

Once the situation is clearly depicted in your mind, then you will be able to redefine your path, to do so the only advice that can be reasonable is: be human. Do not think that you’re speaking to workers or you will assume that they’re just like some robots doing their job with no difficulties. No, they’re people just like you.

They could have thousands and thousands of feelings about the changes that are happening in their workplace, so always reassure them and speak to them with kind words. Maybe ask them for advices and you will see engagement and motivation will get back to the top soon.

Don’t be a boss and act like the leader you are!

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