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Working in a multinational company. A view from the core

26 April, 2017

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Date of Publication: 26 April, 2017
Interview with Simona Panseri - Associate Manager, Project Management, Commercialization for a multinational specialized in household cleaning supplies and other consumer chemicals – on her experience in the heart of the company in USA.

Hello Simona, how would you define your role?

Basically my role is being Project Manager for the EMEA Region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). Every new product launch, product restage or production relocation has an internal project associated: our major responsibility as Project Managers is to lead cross functional teams like Product Supply, Marketing and R&D to a common objective that is indeed the delivery of the Project scope. We manage timelines, risks and communication to Management about the projects progresses and we support all functions involved in delivering their tasks and collaborating each other.


How does a Project Manager for the EMEA Region coordinates many different countries?

Leading cross functional team that are not located in the same country can be done from everywhere basically. So we do not travel that often as Project Managers. But said that still the value of meeting face to face is highly considered in the Company and so for important/complex projects we are supported in organizing face to face meetings.


What about your past experience and how did you arrive to the Head Quarter of the Company?

I have a Bachelor Degree in Chemistry at the University of Milan. The course of my studies brought me to be hired as Manufacturing Engineer for Contract Manufacturing. Then I had the opportunity to grow in the Company, covering new roles that were closer to the Business and more strategic including an assignment at Product Supply Strategy Team in the Head Quarter in USA.  


How this assignment is contributing to your professional growth?

My experience in the Head Quarter has been incredibly valuable from a professional but also personal perspective. It gave me the chance to be exposed to the Global Organization and also other Regional Organizations, giving me a much wider perspective of the Business and the Company I work for. I also had the opportunity to be exposed and to contribute in the development of new Global Business/Product Supply Strategies for the Company. I arrived in the Head Quarter very doubtful of what could be my contribution to a very smart and strategic team, but then I learnt a thousand of things and I have made to deliver my objectives.


Have this experience abroad changed your working approach?

My approach to the day by day work is very much different after my experience in the Head Quarter. I have a better understanding of the Global constraints/opportunities as well as the long term Company strategies. With this in mind I can plan Projects activities and prioritize in a more consistent way, guiding the objectives/goals in alignment with the long term strategy.

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