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In Job cities: Shanghai

23 September, 2014

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Date of Publication: 23 September, 2014
Shanghai can sure be a challenging city to live in, since it bears all the typical problems Chinese megacities have. Yet, its unique mixture of Western end Eastern cultures and lifestyles comes with the very flavour of future.

On the delta of the Yangtze River, Shanghai is the 16th most expensive expat city in the world, but it pays its due: it is one of the best cities for a career boost.

The attraction power the city has on international business earned it a foreign population of 200,000 people… and counting.

So yes: the city is jam-packed, which provides you with a lot of logistic problems and with a vast sea of new and exciting opportunities.

China is still on the roll of a gigantic economic growth and Shanghai is its financial capital, so that the foreign workers who go there are most likely to be very skilled executives.

The language barrier may be frustrating at times, but there are also bilingual employees to assist with this.

Safety in Shanghai

Minor crimes such as pickpocketing and bike theft are the main problems of Shanghai, a relatively safe city.


Prices are skyrocketing, regardless of the quality of the place you are renting. On the bright side, at least, most accommodations come fully furnished. Depending on your taste, you can either choose to live among others expats, who are often located in specific areas, or go local. The pro of living in expats’ area resides on the services: often they are provided with shuttles to connect home and workplaces, avoiding the problem of driving by themselves in the mad traffic of the city.


If you are moving here with your family, you must be aware of one of the city’s biggest pro: schools are excellent. With top quality facilities, latest technology and attention for sports.

Bottom line, this is a city made of opportunities that requires a bit of an effort. There’s the cultural shock for those who come here and have to intake the Chinese culture from scratch. The variety of people and habits can be overwhelming at first, but it is a part of the charm of the city and eventually it will be easy to feel integrated. So… break a leg!

Jobs in Shanghai

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