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14 June, 2018

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Date of Publication: 14 June, 2018
We interviewed the interior designer Antonio Melillo, the mind behind Tabitag: a digital platform dedicated to design and interiors companies which leads to a new way to promote design products

Hi Antonio. Would you like to tell us about your career, in a nutshell?

I graduated in Architecture in 2007 at Federico II University in Naples and I opened my studio right after. I work on both national and international projects, most of all about Interior Design and Lighting. My focus are makeovers.


How do you get inspired?

Nature inspires me. I observe colors and shapes from the natural world and try to repeat them in pieces of furniture and materials – from wood to stoneware, from plastic to Plexiglas. I love to experiment and find customized, unique solutions, also by collaborating with artisans, sculptors, carpenters and choosing products from design firms with a strong cultural value.


How was the project Tabitag born?

The intuition arrived by accident, on a random day. I was at home with my dad and a client sent me some products pictures from the web, asking information about those objects. He wanted to know which firm made them. It wasn’t the first time that I heard that question: many of my clients surf the net looking for inspiration, but in that precise moment I understood that there was enough demand on the market for creating a new website. Now the project is under development, but it will be online soon.


Can you give us some previews?

It’s all in the name: Tabitag. I make high quality renderings of different home environments, from the living room to the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, outdoors and every other area. I decorate them with products made by different design and furniture firms. For each space – or “habitat”, which is part of the platform name “Tabitag” – there are tags showing specific information about the objects displayed, with a link to the website of the company that produces them and to the closest point of sale. In this way, each user can quickly discover the features of a product and learn where to buy it. In the digital era, speed is the key.


Have you received any feedback from the companies yet?

We are involving them on the project and I have to admit, they’re showing a great interest in it. It’s a different way to do marketing, and at this stage it is very successful. The product is promoted together with other important brands, thanks to the fascinating surroundings of the renderings. Some companies requested to get an exclusive platform just for them, but the idea works only if there is a synergy among different brands, as it increases the value of each product. Behind the project Tabitag, there is the concept of network: a collaboration between design companies and professionals for the benefit of the final users, to help them make a conscious and successful choice.

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