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Welcome back Pamela!

11 July, 2016

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Date of Publication: 11 July, 2016
We say welcome back to Pamela after her prize trip to London by In Job.

Pamela. As winner of the In Job Award you could live this experience. Would you tell us how was it?

I evaluate this journey very positively, I came back truly enthusiastic about this experience. What stroke me most has been to work in a co-working environment just like WeWork, a network of spaces born in New York in 2010 that is expanding at a high rate all over the word. I deeply enjoyed the location’s vibe working in close contact with many different talents, starting from free-lance professionals to business developers of great multinational startups. A multicultural environment to breed ideas and experiences. It incited me to grow both professionally and personally. These areas promote the sharing of knowledge, the creation of business synergies and the exchange of cultural and life experiences.

The picture I will bear in my mind is a building made of recyclable materials (wood, steel and neon signs), creates an environment that stands out for its warm, young and multicultural style. I officially envy my London colleagues.

What can you tell us about the UK team and London market?

I knew Chiara only by e-mail. Meeting her in first-person only confirmed my first impression: she’s energetic, business-oriented, brilliant and nice… this never does any harm. We immediately had a good connection working side-by-side on projects in progress and on the planning of the activities for the next months. Moreover I saw again Laura, a genuine great emotion.

I had the opportunity to meet two potential clients from the Luxury Furniture industry, two Italian companies headquartered in London that got interested in the partnership with In Job and enjoyed the quality of our made in Italy standards. They were pleased to discuss with a partner believing in the same values, having the same attitude and, why not, the same language.

London, did you enjoy?

Of course, I had already been there as a tourist and visited all the clichéd places. This time I used my colleagues’ knowledge of the territory and discovered new places and perspectives.

I’ve been to the Old Spitalfields Market, an ancient indoor market where I ate any kind of food that came from various parts of the world and strolled between unique clothes, modern art and furniture stands. I would have filled my baggage, but I had no free space…

I also went to Primrose Hill, ex hunting ground reserved to king Henry VIII of England and hill in the North of London, from where you can enjoy a lovely view of the English capital city, how wonderful to walk on boundless fields.

In the end…

The first edition of the In Job Award has been a great experience and satisfied my expectations. Who will be the next winner and where will be the next destination?

Let’s play…


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