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Top 5 qualities a manager should have

11 August, 2014

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Date of Publication: 11 August, 2014
A manager is always one of the best asset a company should invest on: to inspire people and follow the company vision, to motivate, to engage.

Managing is a lot more of what one learns in school.

As a job it requires a sort of soft-selling qualities, that can be nurtured but are, in fact, a matter of instincts and talents.

Super communication skills

This is one of the toughest qualities to have and it needs a lot of study to be developed. To be a good communicator means you have to be open (able to listen to everyone) yet centred (you have to guide). To be too open is going to make you lose the focus, while to be too centred will make you less ready to understand the others and their potentially good inputs – plus it will make it more difficult for you to understand if you are understood.

Believe in people’s strength

Once you have provided a clear description of the tasks, you should trust your people with them. To ensure they do the best job they can, you have to let them do it their own way and unless they specifically ask for help, you should take a step aside.

Technology savviness

No one requires you to be an IT specialist, of course, but a good understanding of technology trends will help you understand what impacts it could have both on consumers and companies, so that you always will be able to quickly adapt to different and evolving situations.

Understand failure’s role

The fear of failure is fully understandable, yet it’s something that stands in the way when you’re confronting yourself with a changing market and a changing world. Provided you have though your strategy through, go for it.

The sharing

To share knowledge, best practices and information is to provide your employees with the best set of tools they can have to help you make any decisions.

Again: this qualities are not easily learned, but you can work to get them. Find someone to inspire you and then trace your own route: the one that leads to your goals.


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