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Commuting for managers: 5 tips

31 August, 2015

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Date of Publication: 31 August, 2015
Commuters spend an average of 50 minutes in their car or on the public means to reach office every day, and longer commuting (2 hours and up) are slowly but steadily increasing: people are more and more willing to jump at the chance of a better job, but not always get the chance to relocate.

Eventually, commuters have to find a way not only to reach their workplace but also to take the most out of every ride. Or the toll to pay will result in further stress, more fatigue and an overall inclination either to escape the office as soon as possible or to cling in it to postpone the drive home.

  1. Be prepared

As much as you have a general notion of the time it takes you to reach the office, try to check it every morning (use Google Maps or your car GPS, or the latest traffic app available – you can find tons of them). It’s not just the every morning 50 minutes ride the drives you crazy, it’s the unexpected 10 minutes more due to perfectly avoidable traffic jam.

  1. Find a scope within

Either you drive your own car or find yourself on a train every day, you can use your commuting time to learn something new.

A car will of course confine you to audio books, but if you choose a topic you are interested to, changing it every month, you’ll soon find yourself happier and more willing to hit the road.

  1. Sport up your life

If you have the chance, try and squeeze a little activity into your commuting. Park your car sooner and walk, pack one of those smart folding bikes on your train ride and use it to cover the last kilometres… whatever it takes. It’s amazing the effect it will have on your body and on your mind.

  1. Work it

Again, this option is better if you take the bus or the train, but the morning ride especially is a great way to start your workday, manage the e-mails and schedule. We strongly advice to avoid the phone calls, restraining them to the privacy of your car. You never know who’s listening…

  1. Skip it!

If your company is willing to, of course, you can telecommute one or two days per week, reducing the weekly commute time considerably.

Moreover, plan your needs: commute time will often mean that by the time you’ve reached home, grocery shopping will not be an option anymore, and you don’t want to find yourself forced into a life of dining out every other day. First because it will cost you a lot of money, and second because it will cost you a lot of time. And as you know if you’re commuting, time is exactly the thing you don’t want to waste.

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