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The perks of co-working

25 May, 2016

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Date of Publication: 25 May, 2016
In a display of entrepreneurship, spirit and ingenuity in fighting the current economic crisis or, at least, in tackling it on one’s own terms, the trend in co-working is proving to have a real profitable edge.

Whatever the reason is, a growing number of people are leaving traditional salaried jobs to go freelance or to venture into the start-up world. And they are choosing to do so through co-working, that is, the practice of getting a professional workspace and sharing the rent with other people in the same situation. And speaking of rent: forget those long-term contracts that can turn into a burden.

Most co-working spaces let you pick from different levels of memberships which can often be paid month-to-month and guarantee you a corresponding set of privileges. This month-to-month logic becomes handy when facing one of the main restraints when you are about to work with a group of unknown people: if you don’t like them or do not fit in, you can simply find another space.

Chances are that, if you choose to go co-working, you are going to get more than a cheap rent and a proper meeting room to welcome your clients.

Much more than that.

 1.  Networking

To launch your own company, however small it may be, you need connections and in a shared office you can find many. People with different backgrounds and – it doesn’t hurt – personal acquaintances can become the X factor to propel business acceleration. Think of the possible jobs you can access to or at least get to know about. And think of a pitch you want to take part in, but you’re still too small to have all the different types of professionals at your disposal. Well, either you could find them in your new co-working space, or someone in there will be able to introduce you to the right people for the job.

 2.  Collaboration

Within a co-working space, you are more likely to meet people like you, meaning that they also made your choice, people with whom you share a certain spirit. Plus, they might also be ahead of you in the process of launching their business and are eager to advise you and share their experience. Moreover, if you are starting your hi-tech company and you share the office with an advertising agency, well… you can easily figure out how to team up with mutual satisfaction.

 3.  Benefits

Along with the space, the benefits come at a fair price. To go co-working means you’ll have access to printers, copiers, fax machines, a high-speed internet connection and without having to worry about maintenance, repairs, and IT costs to keep the machines running.

Plus, depending on the place you choose, you could find a gym, a kitchen, the space to store mail and packages your receive (instead of having them all over the place in your own house) and even a receptionist.

Bottom line, one of the main perks is in fact productivity, as proven by research on co-workers over the last few years. More than half of the members stated that they were not planning to leave, while the main reason for people leaving is that their business eventually became too big and they needed a place of their own for their team. Now, isn’t that promising?

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