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06 August, 2014

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Date of Publication: 06 August, 2014
Vacation: the only real spare time you have and the perfect momentum to catch up with books. Here you’ll find our ideal list.

We all know holidays can be a tough time: the days before you have worked harder and harder, in order to have everything set up before your departure.

The purpose was to leave your workplace with no worries attached; yet you find it difficult to relax once you’re away.

Books can help, by furthermore take you away from your duties, things you might have forgotten that comes to you out of the blue: “have I sent that document?”, “have I told people what should they do when I’m not there”…

Remember: you deserve your vacation, do not spoil it with stress.


Moby Dick, by Herman Melville

Why you should read it: because it’s a beautiful book, a lot more beautiful than they taught us in high school. Its hefty nature can prevent from enjoying a storyline that will simply take you away, to another time and another place.

To kill a mocking bird, by Harper Lee

Why you should read it: if you feel the need to go back to your childhood, to its fascinating complexity and depth, this masterpiece will do the trick, through the eyes and the words of a little girl.


A dirty job, by Christopher Moore

Why you should read it: actually you should read all the books by this author. He’s light hearted and witty – a wittiness that makes us remember Kurt Vonnegut.


 Zeitoun, by Dave Eggers

Why you should read it: one of the best contemporary American writer tells us the story of Zeitoun, a Syrian living and working in New Orleans who chose to ride up Katrina in his own home. The charm of New Orleans, the trauma and the wounds the hurricane brought to the city: this book tells it all.

The wolf of Wall Street, by Jordan Belfort

Why you should read it: these days there are a lot of “manager literature” books. This is an adventure, with the main protagonist actually being a manager villain.


Hunger games, the trilogy, by Suzanne Collins

Why you should read it: why most of the planet under 40 is waiting for the last movie inspired by this trilogy, you could actually find yourself enjoying the books. They are well written and a lot deeper than one could think.

The tender bar, by J.R. Moehringer

Why you should read it: this is the first book by Open’s author (the Agassi bio) and it is as beautiful.

Pick your - or yours - book for the holiday and forget yourself: this is the best present you’ll receive this Summer and it depends on you.


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