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In Job cities: Toronto

15 September, 2015

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Date of Publication: 15 September, 2015
Expats finding themselves in Toronto experience a truly disconnecting feeling: somehow they have finally escaped the economic crisis. It is a whole new mindset that takes you back to a time when big projects and invigorating hope were there, and you only had to choose the best opportunity. The better part of Toronto’s expats agree: once you adjusted to the city, you feel grateful to be there.

A vibrant and multicultural city, Toronto is regarded as one of the best place to live in. And considering its harsh winters (often you’re lucky with a -10°C)  and hot, humid summers, the charm of the city is in its smart quality of life. Museums, markets, theatres, festivals, nightlife, getaways, lush greenery, the lakes (Huron and Ontario), more than 300 parks around the city… Toronto seems to have it all.

More than 140 languages and dialects are spoken here. About 49 per cent of people living in Toronto were born outside Canada. Here you’ll meet Italians, Portuguese, Chileans, British, Chinese, West Indians, Southeast Asians…  A melting pot that has made this city a nest to find something for everyone, able to accommodate every possible taste and culture.

Expats will find the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) refreshing: the city public transit system is so extensive that you can safely and comfortably move around without owning a car. Buses (hybrid-electrics), streetcars and the world-renown subway system allow for one of the most easy work route you’ll ever experience in a major city. And if you are in downtown, you can also use the Zipcar, a membership-only car sharing service that is most frequently popular in this area.

If you live outside Toronto and you work in the city, well, life is not that easy: Toronto has the longest average commute time in Canada.


Housing is not cheap in Toronto, and the best advice is to have a look to local newspapers and listings online to find the best deal.

The most popular areas are North York, Midtown and Downtown and each offers a variety of accommodation, scenery and “cultural fuel” that it is almost impossible to pick your ideal choice if you are not actually there, wandering in the streets and discovering them.

A favourite is The Annex, in Midtown, with its bakeries and artsy flavours, near the University of Toronto.

Toronto is a great city to call home and if you are about to do so, we strongly recommend you to live it to the fullest. Families fit in perfectly. Thanks to the flourishing economy, your partner can - in time - find a job while children can attend excellent schools.

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