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In Job cities: Houston

21 April, 2015

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Date of Publication: 21 April, 2015
"Houston we have a good situation" could easily be the local expat community's line. The city is home to more than 20 Fortune 500 companies and has long since opened up to pretty much everything.

The fourth largest city in the USA, Houston is living a cultural renaissance where oil money and cowboy hats are not necessarily the rule. Art galleries, quirky restaurants, and a great "coming back" of former blighted downtown neighbourhoods are a common trait of the new city in the making.

As a result, expats will find that they can discover their own Houston, according to their own preferences. Those coming to toil and save can take comfort in an economic climate that is noted for its enterprising spirit and its consistent history of job creation. Apart from the oil and gas industry, plenty of other sectors are flourishing: IT, business services, aerospace, medical and biotech.

The climate may not be the best face of the city: humidity and heat can be almost unbearable in Summer, but they are counterbalanced by rather mild winters and the city manages to be green, with trees lining the roads and beautiful parks.

Expats live all over the city and beyond. The local housing market is one of the cheapest you are going to find in such a big city. Prices are going up, but they are still pretty reasonable. The most sought-after areas are:


An area in the suburbs, which is often perfect for commuters and is filled with expats. It’s definitely the choice if you have school-aged kids with you.

The Heights

Having recently experienced a renaissance of sorts is an eclectic artsy community. The main thoroughfares are lined with unique dining options, antique shops, rustic looking homes and food and vegetable stands. The Heights has a tremendous neighbourhood spirit not seen in other areas of the city.

Commuting time can be harsh: as much as there are public means options, you’ll find yourself stuck in the car most of the time. And since housing options vary so much, your best bet is to find something that suits you and is near your working place.

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