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A laugh is good for your business

02 December, 2014

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Date of Publication: 02 December, 2014
Laughter Yoga: the new frontier in team building. It is said to be good to relieve stress, improve team empathy and productivity. A practice to be taken seriously.

You can be serious even when you’re laughing with your colleagues.

Often, when we hear a good laughter coming from the meeting room, we think “Weren’t they supposed to work?”.

Well: it’s time for a change of attitude.

Laughing is in fact the most efficient and cheap way to regenerate the body and the mind, since it brings more oxygen to the brain and the body, whilst stimulating the deep diaphragmatic breathing.

What happens when Laughter Yoga hits your office? It reduces the level of stress and enhances the business.

That’s why Laughter Yoga is growing more and more common as the ultimate team building technique. Many companies have invested in this practice with positive results in terms of “good mood” among the employees.

How does it work?

Self-inducted laughing bears the very same pros of spontaneous laughing; our body is not able to tell them apart, so that the positive endorphins cycle starts no matter what. Beside, when in groups, after the first seconds a self-inducted laugh turns into a real one, because of its “contagious” properties.

Are there ad hoc exercises?

Yes, they are. Laughter Yoga was born in 1995 and since then breathing and voice exercises, games, body movements, hand clapping and prolonged laughter techniques have been defined to amplify the result.

A funny and performing team building.

When stress is turned into something manageable, and the good mood is infused in the office, productivity and commitment levels raises… and even every day chores are a laugh.

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