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Salespeople Turnover? No problem

30 November, 2017

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Date of Publication: 30 November, 2017
In high-growth industries, the demand for experienced salesperson is always high. That’s why turnover is quite a must, especially if advisors have built a strong book of business at competitive firms. Even if losses in sales are not always avoidable, companies can apply different strategies to reduce the cost of salesforce turnover.

Early Detection  

It is not too difficult to understand if a person is going to leave the company.
Departing salespeople often stop putting full effort into the job. So, the sooner you understand if a salesman is going to leave, the better will be for consequences on your business.
That’s why some big companies started to use an early-warning system to track call agent behaviour and predict the likelihood of resignations: fluctuating productivity, an increase in the number of vacation days taken one at a time, a dropping in call quality, and increased off-phone time are all signals of impending departure. What can managers do in these cases?

First of all, they can try to prevent the resignation contracting on different job conditions.
Or, if leaving is imminent, prepare customers for a smoother transition to another salesman. 


The Bench Method

When a salesperson departs, it usually takes time for the company to find the right replacement. This could bring to a lack of coverage for that position and therefore to a poor management of the customers assigned to that resource. That’s why some companies are starting to use the Bench Method, which consists in keeping a “bench” of screened and trained candidates who are ready to jump into sales positions quickly when needed. The bench can even be only virtual: by maintaining a list of viable job candidates before an opening occurs, companies accelerate hiring and reduce vacancy time.


Intensive onboarding

Once companies find the right replacements, they have to settle them in: every new resource needs an orientation period to become fully productive. To reduce the cost of this time, it’s necessary to involve sales managers. Their full commitment to train a new salesperson can help newbies understand the culture, learn about products and customers and become fully engaged sooner.
To sum up, companies should keep in mind that Salesperson Turnover cannot be avoided, but also that they can foresee and reduce the dangers of this contingency.
For example, providing customers with assets they value outside the salesperson, such as a customized ordering website or easy access to customer service or technical support personnel. And if this is not enough, they can rely on CRM systems to capture critical information managed by the salesforce. Such systems can document customer needs, track the sales pipeline and help ensure essential information is not lost in transition.

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