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Managers: pros and cons of working from home

05 June, 2015

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Date of Publication: 05 June, 2015
More and more companies are choosing to grant their employees the possibility of working from home (jumping at the chance of savings on rents and the high costs of maintaining offices). For managers, this often means dealing with work teams at a distance: a potentially stressful situation that is only apparently repaid with the newly acquired freedom.

Sometimes new trends surface in the working world which promise more flexibility, creativity and, of course, productivity. This is the time for managers to begin working from home. While we are not yet entirely sold on the matter, this phenomenon nevertheless calls for an analysis of the inherent pros and cons.


Pros: working from home (WFH) allows you to deal with all the chores that come with having a family and could also be the perfect solution for early birds and night owls alike. Moreover, it allows you to choose the city or even the country to live in regardless of the company’s actual physical location.

Cons: being flexible requires a massive amount of effort to avoid standing in the way of your team and vice versa. If your team is working from 9 to 5, you should then at least schedule carefully how and when to work together, albeit from afar.

Eventually, you will probably have to keep your fingers crossed, hoping that everything goes smoothly and precisely which, to some, may indeed sound the opposite of being flexible.


Pros: avoiding the daily commute is actually a way to save time and money. Plus, you don’t need to wear a suit or heels for that matter. You can even begin to eat properly instead of grabbing a quick sandwich at the café nearest the office.

Cons: it may start off as “Oh, really, it’s nothing!” It’s 7 am and you’re still in bed checking the emails on your laptop. Then, you put in what feels like a few hours’ work and you’re suddenly starving: by the time it’s 3 pm, you realize you’ve inadvertently skipped lunch. And so on… Again: schedule your time ahead and stick to your plan without mercy. WFH tends to blur working and personal times and you alone are the one responsible for setting your time limits.

“Since I started working from home, I sometimes feel the quality of my work has deteriorated. The first plan that comes to my mind needs to be the best one, otherwise I’d be wasting my team’s time. Or I feel that, since they don’t see me actually working, they’ll think I’m taking a nap on the sofa while they are left alone doing all the work”.


Pros: Yes, you need a certain kind of home to take full advantage of the pros. But think about it: think about the luxury of having a working space tailored to your needs, with no company rules standing in the way, no people glancing over your shoulder at your screen…

Cons: You are going to need a computer, a printer, a stable Internet connection and a good mobile phone together with the right attitude. Such tools are standard features in every office, where someone else is in charge of keeping them functioning. However, if you are WFH, the responsibility is entirely yours.

Working from home is, in fact, a challenge but also an opportunity for those accustomed to managing their work as well as that of others, keeping to tight deadlines and maintaining a constant presence while taking care of one’s own personal matters. This working style is being increasingly adopted by companies of all sizes, therefore those who are preparing for it are broadening their career opportunities by embracing this new trend in working.

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