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Pamela as best performer for the year 2015, wins the In Job Award

27 June, 2016

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Date of Publication: 27 June, 2016
Congrats to Pamela Salvaggio, HR Consultant from Verona, winner of the "In Job Award 2015". She greets us before taking off to her won trip to London!

You are 2015 Best Performer. Can you tell us about the contest and the award ceremony?

The contest was dedicated to the HR Consultants and its goal was to distinguish for the best results in search and selection of high level professionals and middle manager. This reflects also the company’s target: to be known as valuable partners in the branch of global professionals.

I knew that Verona team was having great results, but also other branches were working very well. I hoped that the award could have been won by a person from the city of Romeo and Juliet… I didn’t expect that the winner could have been me!

When, during Christmas Convention, our Director said my name, my heart missed a beat.  I felt a mixture of surprise, emotion and excitement, moreover I don’t like to be on the stage and, despite the night of the Oscars, I was speechless. I was extremely satisfied, all the efforts made through the year has been paid back by that parchment that contained the reward: a trip of a week in one of the foreign cities where In Job opened a Career Center. The chance to meet my overseas colleagues and to work with them and also to enjoy the city with some leisure.

Destination London, why?

In Job is new to London, we opened only a short time ago and to live a start-up is very stimulating to me. I will have the pleasure of meeting and cooperate with UK colleagues, I will see again Laura, our International Recruiter, who spent many years in Italy before starting the British adventure. I’m very curious to discover the English labour market, how candidates are and how to liaise with local firms. A completely new world to me.

A word before the departure?

I’m happy and excited. I already visited London as a tourist, but I’m pleased to go there again in business version for an international company that is growing at a global level. I already took care of on-the-job trainings for foreign colleagues that came to Verona for some educational sessions, now it is my turn to live in first person the experience of an overseas office. It will be a mix of professional and leisure moments.

I will update you on my return. Stay tuned!


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