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How to survive your office when everybody is on vacation

21 July, 2016

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Date of Publication: 21 July, 2016
Sometimes it just happens. The better part of the population is on vacation but you are not, and you’re forced to stay at your desk, freezing alone in that North Pole Land of air conditioning. If anything, this is consequent to that frenzy, hectic month when everybody was forced to work around the clock, because projects are to be sealed and sent before everybody’s vacation begins. Except yours. Here’s a brief survive guide.

1. Plan ahead!

If you fear you'll hand up with too much work to handle, it's always wise to try and organize together with your colleagues an action plan. Inform the clients so that they know who is on vacation and when, and what type of requirement should be prioritized during that period, versus something that can be done on a later date. Check your ongoing projects and manage all the tasks you need your colleagues, clients or suppliers for, so that you won't find yourself stuck with something that you simply cannot solve.


2. Make it count

While you are at it, almost alone, with a whole day in front of you, you really need to focus. It is way too easy to find that it’s 5 pm and you still have to accomplish the better part of your tasks when you’re on your own. Schedule everything, first thing in the morning. Make a to do list, listing the hours you want to allot to each and every task.


3. See the bright side

Probably, you’re coming from a very hectic period and you’re tired. This is the chance to do things at your own pace and to organize yourself (see point 2), even to experiment a little and find the time to rethink some of the processes you need to take for granted when the workload is overwhelming.


4. Reward yourself

Find something you’ll look forward to do at the end of the day. It could be everything: a movie, a dinner, Pokémon Go, planning your vacation (because one day, you’re going to have one, right?).


Bottom line: be prepared to enjoy your time. You’ll be surprised how much time you’ll spare (if you put a little effort and stay focused) at the end of the day. You’ll find yourself planning to volunteer in next year.

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