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04 May, 2016

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Date of Publication: 04 May, 2016
In Job will open soon its new London office, and with good reason. Due to its position, history and legislation, London is the most viable candidate for the role of cultural and financial centre of the world. The UK capital welcomes thousands of new aspiring workers every year. As a true global city, there’s no doubt that its extremely diverse working population plays a central role in making London a true leader in a wide array of industries - from finance to entertainment, from marketing to education, from media to commerce, and so on.

There is no career that you cannot pursue in London. Even more so in 2016, given the strong increase in employment registered last year and the will - mostly shown by large firms - to continue taking in more staff.

Growth is not a constant, though. First of all, consider that the majority of sought-out professionals in London will deal with providing a service - be it financial, technical, educational, etc. - more than producing physical goods. And even among services, some areas are expected to increase occupation more than others. For instance, public sector jobs faced a lower reduction rate compared to other areas in the UK, but it’s private services that witnessed the higher rise in occupation: a remarkable +16% since 2010.

Besides finance, a field in which there is no foreseeable loss of demand, the most growing sectors are information, communication, and also recreation and arts. Retail on the other hand is reducing jobs, slowly but constantly - or shall we say converting jobs, since the service of selling goods is switching from physical stores to digital ones. And talking of tangible outcomes, the one sector that shows clear signs of steady growth is actually construction, with a constant +5% of annual increase.

Building and construction, engineering, and many other technical activities share the same trend: an increasing need for skillful professionals, be it graduates or simply workers with proven experience. A shortage of graduates is strongly felt in many areas, with an interesting focus on quantitative social sciences, statistics, and everything that has to do with data.

Finally, two kinds of employers can offer great opportunities to those looking for a creative or digital job: Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and startups. They keep rising all over the UK and 41% of them are of course in London, looking for interns, contractors and key figures.

In such a diverse, dynamic (and competitive!) work market, companies themselves prefer to save time relying on recruitment agencies - to the point that it can be quite hard for an applicant (or even a newbie freelancer) to land a job without the help of a recruiting agent.

So spend some time polishing up your cv, keep in contact with a good agency and ask for a meeting.

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