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Most promising cities in 2015

29 December, 2014

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Date of Publication: 29 December, 2014
If you are planning to change your job, and you are open to move abroad, here you’ll find 5 cities that are going to play it big in the next 12 months.

Milan, Italy.

Even though the crisis in Italy is still biting hard on many levels (from politics to occupation), Milan is about to host the 2015 Expo edition and the city is beginning to flourish again with opportunities.

Detroit, Michigan.

A bankrupted city in 2013, with a dramatically declining population and crumbling industries, Detroit is ready for a comeback, attracting investors and young hip people determined to make the city alive again. The car industry, even if suffering, is making every possible effort to rebuild itself, and it is starting to pay. New companies and advertising agencies are opening in the Detroit area and, needless to say, they are hiring.

Toronto, Canada

Canada welcomes more than 250,000 immigrants each year to one of the highest quality of life in the entire world, and its new immigration program will be launched in 2015: it is called Express Entry and will select immigrants based on the skills Canadian employers need. If your goal is the citizenship, well: here you are.

Shanghai, China

Great employment opportunities and little competition: this is the charm China holds in the expat community. The economy is still growing and rapidly so, promising to eventually overtake the US as the world’s largest economy by 2018.

South Korea, all of it.

This country provides usually well paid jobs – with apartments provided by the employers – and it is perfect if you are moving with your family. The economy is still growing, the education system is excellent and English is quite used by the population.

We live in a complicated world, right now, and we chose the most promising cities – or countries - not only because you could find a job there, but also because they are safe (yes, even Detroit!).

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