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Millennial Workers: how to deal with them

30 September, 2014

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Date of Publication: 30 September, 2014
Spoiled, antagonistic, and lazy: this is the superficial picture of the millennial workers we are almost accustomed to seeing at work. But, is this it?

Millennial workers, roughly aged 18-35, are the children of the baby boomers.

They were raised – a first, maybe, in the history of parenting – as if they had unique qualities and were bound to achieve every possible result.

Yet, they have faced the worst economic downturn in decades, just as they were approaching the office life.

They are also the most educated and culturally diverse of any generation – another factor that raises their expectations of work life and personal achievements to the roof.

They are digital savvy in a world that is increasingly digital: they are better at it than their bosses are. Yet, their skills are often met with contempt.

A generation of YET: with great potential and great obstacles standing in the way.

How we can motivate them, so that they are fully engaged with the company?

1.    Be respectful of what they really care about.

Millennials are no longer expecting impossibly high wages – though it wouldn’t hurt – but they are more and more social-cause driven. A company that allows and helps them to dedicate  part of their time to their causes will be – of course – better perceived by Millennials.

2.    Promotions and career.

Millennials are less willing to wait for years for the next promotion. They are well educated, which also means that they are older when they enter an office for the first time, and they are in a constant haste: new stimulus, new things to learn, new responsibilities. So, it is better to create a whole new career path with new intermediate steps and titles to be achieved.

3.    Education

Education is still one of the biggest values for them. They crave for knowledge. A company able to provide them with courses or masters, will also be able to keep them loyal.

4.    Feedback

As much as they gained the fame for being needy, Millennials are often looking for feedbacks, more than any other generation before them. They expect feedback in order to be able to change their ways or pursue them further. And in the end, it’s free.

Changing jobs, changing lives: and millennial workers are the output of both. They sure can be challenging, but maybe we have to evaluate whether the challenge is just the product of a spoiled generation, or something that can contribute to enhance the company we work for.

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