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Marketing Activation: What? When? How?

02 November, 2016

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Date of Publication: 02 November, 2016
The meaning of marketing activation is extremely easy understandable, but as usual it’s easier said than done.

Marketing activation is the execution of all the activities linked to marketing, which come right after planning and before getting feedbacks. It can work on an emotional level to connect customers to the brand and in this case it gets closer to clients’ engagement. But there is also another style, the one aiming to immediate sales transactions, the Direct-Response Marketing.

When you’re planning Marketing Activation, you should evaluate two main points:

  1. Planning

First, you have to identify a group of customers to target. In this phase you have to create a test audience to define a strategy that later on can be adjusted to other audiences. The best example of this can be McDonald’s, that can target its marketing activities to young people coming from different geographical areas with the same strategy but completely different details.

Then you have to use customers data and information, this will help you in performing data-driven activation, that is to say more precise actions, more effective measurements and an increase in returns.

At this stage your mantra should be “the same information can’t work with all the different audiences”

  1. Challenges

You have to accept the challenges that will show up when your strategy is working.
Play like it was a game! Your targets are: to increase profit and to reach strategic goals. So, profit is your score and goals are your checkpoints, where you can set a flag to restart playing next time. Your enemy is stiffness, because you have to continuously readapt your strategy to an ever-changing environment with a lot of hidden traps waiting for you if you don’t move fast enough. The difficulty level is given by the number of audiences you have to reach, since the more customers groups you have to engage, the harder it will be to succeed.

Bear in mind that it will be easier to thrive if you have a good strategy at the base!

Which are your bonus tools?

One of the most exploited means is Sports Marketing, used to increase brand awareness through the leisure time of clients and widen the public of your message.
The other that is becoming more and more popular, is through the internet: online videos. Thanks to YouTube, anybody can engage customers through celebrating or amplifying any event or activity.

Now that you have the plot and rules, plan, act and measure to know if you won the game of Marketing!

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