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4 great jobs for managers who love to travel

08 October, 2014

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Date of Publication: 08 October, 2014
A travel job is a dream for many people. Here you can find some of the best-paid jobs that will turn the world into your own office (well, almost…).

Construction managers

They are responsible for running construction sites, wherever they happen to be, and often stay there for a long period of time.

Their main tasks are:

  • developing the project timing and strategy;
  • preparing the site, and also dealing with other professionals (architects, engineers, buyers, estimators and surveyors) before the “real” work starts. This process also involves making sure that local regulations are met, both in terms of health safety and environment.

Management analysts

They are companies’ or organizations’ “fine-tuners”, especially when it comes to crisis management: they are often consultants who work contractually and they go wherever they are appointed to. The job itself is a big asset for the clients, as it consists of finding solutions to minimize the waste, eradicate the inefficiencies and, bottom line, make more money.

Analyst Jobs

Retail merchandiser managers

They are the kind of managers who ensure that a certain product will be available in a certain store. Depending on the company they work for, this may mean that they will be in charge of setting the prices, determining the desired performance of the products in a given country and planning the means to achieve such goals; such as how many lines should be bought or sold and in what quantities.

Reatail Jobs

NGO managers

Non-governmental organizations often handle projects which can take place in any part the world. NGO managers are often required to determine the goals and timing of given projects, find the money to develop it (which can be frustrating at times), and work with the institutions of the country where the project will be implemented.

To travel a lot when you’re working is no piece of cake. It requires a great deal of organization and an effort to balance the travels and your private life. It also requires a knack for feeling at home – that is at ease – when you are in fact in a hotel room, in a city where you don’t know a soul. Yet, it also means that you’ll get to know a lot of people, cultures and places.

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