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Hu-manager: manager types according to their behaviour

05 May, 2015

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Date of Publication: 05 May, 2015
While it’s never entirely safe to assume that one size fits all, it is true that we can pinpoint some human behaviours to a certain, more or less defined, type of manager. To each, his or her own: once you define your own style and how it’s perceived by your coworkers, it will be easier to correct or soothe whatever the instinct suggests, and channel your energy in a better direction.

Sturm und drang Managers: Those who show up all of a sudden, jump into a situation, make hasty decisions - often disregarding the efforts made by the others - change everything on the plate and… vanish in the breeze.Pros: Decision makers; Cons: Stress creators.“Me, my, mine” Managers: “There’s no I in team” is one of the most difficult notions for them, and honestly so. They believe that all the credit for the good work is for them to take, considering they gave their team an “input”.Pros: None, actually; Cons: people feel less and less engaged in the project.“I trust” Managers: They are entirely beyond micromanaging, they assume that the team will come up with the right solutions. Generally speaking, they are very good at creating a good working environment and developing united teams.Pros: People are truly involved in what they do; Cons: sometimes people need a little more guidance.

Diplomatic Managers: They want to listen to everybody, which is good, but when you are in a rush, there’s simply no time enough to mingle every single opinion, so what’s left is nothing but confusion.

Pros: openmindness; Cons: possible anxiety.

“I’m just like you” Managers: They want to be involved so much, they are willing to roll up their sleeves and work side by side with the team, no matter the task. They put in long hours, they are always available, they often end up approving something that… well, they actually made themselves.

Pros: it’s always good to see some proaction; Cons: as much as they play it down, they still are the boss, and not everyone feels comfortable at confronting them.

Obviously, everyone see a bit of themselves in each of these categories, but as a manager you should identify with a main, spontaneous trait. Which one?

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