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Should you look for a new job?

19 October, 2017

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Date of Publication: 19 October, 2017
So you’re looking for a new job. Are you seeking different challenges? Do you feel unsatisfied? A bit of both? Here’s how you can tackle these issues, and how you should behave when a new job is your only option.

Changing job is your second choice

Many times, career problems may be solved without leaving, especially if you work for a big firm with different opportunities. But also smaller companies can offer hidden possibilities to those valuable employees who seek more. One might simply ask.

Even your problems with the current office life - such as a bad organization or a constant lack of feedback - could be clarified by chatting in front of a good coffee.

Your boss may reassign you. Your supervisor may discuss a different approach. If you trust your current employer, give it a chance to retain you.


Always ask for advice

Wise people will tell you that no matter where you go, you’ll always find yourself waiting. So, time for some brutal self-honesty: is your job the real problem? Think if there’s really a lack of opportunities where you work now, or if you actually missed those because you weren’t ready. Consider if your work-life balance is more influenced by your bad time management than by the actual workload.

If the root of the problem is you, you’ll end up facing all the stress of changing job for nothing. This is when some external advice is needed. A counsellor, a trusted friend or an open-minded family member will help you see your situation from the outside and then choose wisely.


If you’re leaving, do it quietly

Once you’ve decided that looking for a new place is the best solution, there’s a series of unwritten rules to follow.

The most important one is to be very careful about who you’ll talk about your search (and subsequent new job), and when. In some countries, no names can be dropped until after the last day at work. In some others, an employee may share the news with a trusted boss. It is sensitive information especially if you’re going to work for a competitor. Consider that some companies have policies against that.

If you want to leave your company peacefully, and you really mean it, it’s always for the best. So, act discreetly and only after thoughtful consideration. But don’t be afraid to dare: a wrong choice won’t affect your whole career unless you let it.

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