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The In Job cities: discovering New York

18 August, 2014

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Date of Publication: 18 August, 2014
The third article of our series explores the expat’s New York. A competitive housing market, a high cost of life, one of the most beautiful and fascinating urban scenario you’ll ever be in: this is the Big Apple.

The deal, in New York, is work hard and party harder.

In fact, one of the things an expat is going to solve is how to find a balance with a demanding, fast paced job and the many cultural offerings of the city.

Where to live in New York.

In general, buying, renting or finding any type of housing can be difficult and expensive.

When moving to New York commute time is another essential consideration in choosing accommodation. New York has extensive public transportation, but it only takes a holiday in the city to understand its limitations. Let alone reach your office during rush hour.


Despite the price, there are two major benefits to living in Manhattan: you are likely to work there, reducing you commute time, and you can find whatever you may want or need, virtually 24 hours a day.

The Bronx.

Some areas, such as South Bronx, are changing, due to the birth of a new developing cultural life that is attracting a flood of new citizens. A major drawback is the amount of time spent getting to and from work and social activities. 


One of the best areas for housing bargains, where you can at least hope to find a good space for you and your family. But while Astoria and Long Island City are easily accessible from Manhattan and North Brooklyn, the rest of the borough is not recommended commuting-wise.

Staten Island

Often compared to New Jersey and the suburbs, Staten Island is in fact a mix-match of urban and less urban elements. Again, commuting is not easy, but for those who do not love the big city life, this is the best borough to live in.


Brooklyn is rivalling with Manhattan under a wide range of subjects: cultural, importance and, sadly, housing price. But it is still one of the best place on earth, with tons of attitude and people from every corner of the world.

Expats tips.

Be sure to provide yourself with an international driving licence in your country, as it is not possible to get one in the US.

If you are moving with your family, be sure to plan ahead your children schooling, as the access to International Schools is somewhat limited due to the high number of request.

The In Job cities:

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